Arttest in the Automotive SPICE Process Reference Model

ASPICE is an internationally accepted process model that defines best practices for software and embedded systems development for the automotive industry.
The application of Automotive SPICE® is a prerequisite for becoming and remaining a supplier of the most European car  manufacturers. Because of the continuously evolving international interweaving of the supplier relations, the application of  the standard has been expanded to Asia and the USA.
Logic Technology provides tools and services to support ASPICE for both MBSE and native C/C++ software development.

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The State of Open Source Vulnerabilities 2021

WhiteSource’s annual report on the state of open source vulnerabilities found that a record-breaking number of new open source security vulnerabilities was published in 2020.

In the research, WhiteSource focused on open source security’s weakest and strongest points in the hopes of bringing some clarity to the fast-paced and complex space of known open source security vulnerabilities.

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Logic Technology and McObject are looking for beta testers of deterministic in-memory embedded database system

Logic Technology is pleased to announce the opening of the beta test period for our newest generation of McObject’s eXtremeDB: eXtremeDB/rt.
Just as eXtremeDB was a first-of-its-kind in-memory embedded database system written explicitly for embedded systems, eXtremeDB/rt is a first-of-its-kind in-memory, deterministic, embedded database system written explicitly for hard real-time safety- and mission-critical systems.

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Intel® oneAPI Toolkits

oneAPI is an open, unified programming model built on standards to simplify development and deployment of data-centric workloads across CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and other accelerators.

Extract the most application performance on multiple types of Intel® architecture by using advanced, cross-architecture software development tools from Intel.

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Worldwide Datacenter Supplier QCT Selects Insyde® Software for Essential BIOS & BMC Firmware

Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and BMC management firmware, today announced its partnership with QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) that will leverage Insyde’s flagship InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS and Supervyse® BMC (baseboard management controller) firmware for QCT’s datacenter and network infrastructure products including datacenter servers, 5G network and Edge computing solutions.

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Insyde® Software Delivers Optimized BIOS & BMC Firmware for Newly Launched 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS & Supervyse® BMC Firmware Validated and Optimized for Newest Datacenter Servers Platform Firmware Resilience (PFR) Protects Against Firmware Attacks

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – April 6, 2021 – Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and BMC management firmware, announced today that its BIOS and BMC firmware solutions are now shipping in the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based servers.

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Insyde® Software Powers Atari VCS™ Entertainment System

Innovative, Versatile and Powerful AMD Ryzen™-Based PC & Console Hybrid Enabled with InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS

WESTBOROUGH, MA – March 31, 2021 – Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and BMC management firmware, announced today that its flagship firmware, InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS, is powering the exciting new Atari VCS™ PC/console hybrid gaming and entertainment system.

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Incredibuild and Logic Technology Partner to Significantly Improve Developer Build Times

Wessem - 19 March 2021: Logic Technology, one of the Netherlands’ leading resellers of embedded systems development products has announced a partnership with Incredibuild, an Israeli company who focuses on cutting down build times for developers. Together they will focus on promoting Incredibuild’s build-accelerating product in the Benelux countries and German speaking countries.

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Embedded Software Quality Trends (EW2021 Presentation)

When you are developing embedded systems, be it for aviation, the medical industry or let’s say automotive, sooner or later you’re going to need to start thinking about compliance to certain standards. At the same time, the market expects you to launch your product in time and at a competitive price. That can be a real challenge. At Logic Technology, we clearly see that software is the key differentiator. Getting the software right (the first time!) is essential for a successful product launch and to keep the momentum going. End-users have little patience, meanwhile they have high expectations.

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Functional Safety from the Model to the End-of-Line (EW2021 Presentation)

Thanks for joining. My name is André de Ceuninck and I’m a product manager for Mindmotiv at logic Technology, specialising in software quality solutions. Today we discuss the Software Process related to achieving functional Safety with model based development techniques.
For this presentation we invited some Mindmotiv partners who will share use-cases from the frontline of Embedded Systems Development and Testing.
We hope you find this information useful for your own situation and we hope to provide some ideas to take home.

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Techniques to safeguard critical data for IoT (EW2021 Presentation)

Hello everyone and welcome to our Logic Technology Roundtable in cooperation with Tuxera on Techniques to Safeguard critical data for IoT.
My name is Gevorg Melikdjanjan. At Logic Technology I am responsible for Tuxera’s flash file system and flash management solutions and I will be today’s moderator.
Our guest for the Roundtable is Thom Denholm – Technical Product Manager at Tuxera.
In today’s growing number of autonomous systems, preserving decision-quality data is becoming all the more imperative.
Through different use-cases, environmental circumstances or simply when devices become older, problems may come to the surface that were not visible before. This is not acceptable for devices containing sensitive data.

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Adapting Embedded GUIs to Meet Increased UX Expectations (EW2021 Presentation)

Graphical User Interface Iteration

Whether it’s a new product, or an existing one chances are many of you (or your customers) are planning on taking it upline (or even downline) through the addition of an embedded screen.

Hello Everyone and thanks for joining,
My name is Gilles Hendrikx and I’m Product manager at Logic Technology.

We help engineers create great products and to lower their development risk. We do this with a wide variety of tools and hardware.

Today we would like to share some of the challenges that our customers have faced when developing  their  UI product.

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From Concept to Product Launch in 3 Months - See how Rombit did it! (EW2021 Presentation)

This Roundtable will focus on how the development of a product, initially intended for a specific application, was able to be converted to work for a different application using agile processes and a well thought out design. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Rombit immediately altered their roadmap. They succeeded in creating a wearable in no time, with the purpose of avoiding COVID contaminations in the workplace.
Gevorg Melikdjanjan from Logic Technology speaks with Evert Bulcke from Rombit. In the presentation you will find answers to questions like:
Can you tell us something about the original product and for what purpose it was developed?

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Extension of the New Y-RED Test Contactor Generation

March 8, 2021 - The Y-RED test contactor series from Yamaichi Electronics is growing. In addition to IC chip evaluation and validation, the focus is now on failure analysis applications and low inductance laboratory measurements.

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McObject and Logic Partner to Meet Growing Embedded Database Management Needs

23 February 2021, Seattle: McObject®, developer of the eXtremeDB® embedded database system, has announced that Logic Technology BV, one of the Netherlands’ leading re-sellers of embedded systems development products will promote its eXtremeDB small footprint, hybrid in-memory and persistent database in the Benelux countries through an exclusive distribution agreement, and non-exclusively in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

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