EmbeddedPlaza is a professional e-commerce site focussing on business-to-business sales. Although it is not nescessary to register as a business customer when making a purchase, all purchase transactions are considered to be business-to-bussiness transactions and our Terms and Conditions are applicable for all purchases.

Return policy

Before you return a product, you must contact our support team in order to receive an RMA number (Return Materials Authorized) . In case of technical problems or defects, our technical specialists will be able to assist you in determining the best course of action.

Return of physical products

For repairs, the following conditions apply:
  • Returns are only accepted with a valid RMA.
  • Returns are only accepted if they are undamaged and complete with alloriginal accessories.
  • Returns have to be packed in the original, undamaged, boxes.

Return address
John F. Kennedylaan 18
5981XC Panningen
The Netherlands

Return of software, maintenance, support, services

Please be advised that software, once the license key was submitted to you, cannot be returned, and therefore by default is non-refundable. In case of problems with license keys, we will provide best effort support to solve the problems, but we cannot guarantee a suitable solution.

In case a software product is under maintenance and support and problems arise, you can contact us for first line of support. If we cannot solve the issue, we will notify the manufacturer and open a case for you. The manufacturer will follow up directly with you.

In the case third-party services were purchased through EmbeddedPlaza, you should contact the service provider in case of problems or disputes.